Development in the Fast Lane

SmashingConf NY2015

Last month David Adkin and I flew to New York to attend SmashingConf, an annual design conference hosted by Smashing Magazine. As with most conferences, the event kicked off with a laser show: (you can check out the full video here) Our minds suitably blown, the event moved into a series of talks about the design process itself. Session 1…
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Ember 2.0

Erik Bryn breaks down some of the latest and greatest changes coming in Ember 2.0 and how you can start preparing to update your application for the transition:…
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Feedback is a Gift (and It’s My Birthday!)

If your line of work involves solving complex problems then you probably know by now that you can’t solve the problem alone. That means you’re going to need to get some feedback. At this point you also probably know whether your company values feedback. Luckily for us, I’ve heard the expression “Feedback is a gift!” enough times…
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