Our Workplace

Developing software isn't only about finding a problem and solving it. It's also about working with your peers in a productive and happy environment. That's why when Second Street moved into its new headquarters two years ago, we made sure to build the best workplace we could.

Our Workspaces

Our development office is an open floor plan laid out in pods of 8 people, where each team member has a workspace of their choice; some people have standing desks, multiple monitors make it easy to work on big projects, and late-model Macbook Pros make sure that your tools aren't a bottleneck.

Second Street Workspace

We also put the Customer Experience team in the same room, so we can collaborate to make the best possible products for our partners. When the people creating our products interact with the people supporting our users, great things happen.

When you want to collaborate away from your desk, we have plenty of conference rooms and a development lounge for more lengthy (or laid back) discussions.

Second Street Dev Lounge

The Extras

Fridays are affectionately known as "beer day" here in our St. Louis office, where we always have Schlafly on tap. Or if beer isn't your thing we have coffee, tea, and hot chocolate on demand through our Keurig.

Second Street Tap

Our recently-added gym allows you to stay in shape. You can direct your own workouts, or attend our occasional yoga classes and fitness boot camps.

Second Street Gym

When it comes to fun, we've got it! Between our dart board, hoops game, shuffleboard table, and scooters, you're sure to find something to clear your mind when you need it.

Second Street Shuffleboard

If you need it, we also offer location flexibility. Some of our team works remotely; others only work from home from time-to-time. No matter which you might be, it's easy because we heavily utilize tools like Trello, Slack, and GitHub.

Second Street Home Office

The Time Off

Our vacation policy? Take the time you need. We don't track vacation, so it's not limited -- it's flexible! Don't forget to share cool photos in our (aptly-named) Slack channel, #vacation-photos!

Second Street Vacation Photo

How about you?

We certainly love Second Street's workplace, and if this sounds like a place you'd love to come to make great software, we're hiring! What do you love about your workplace? Let us know in the comments!