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Ember 2.0

Erik Bryn breaks down some of the latest and greatest changes coming in Ember 2.0 and how you can start preparing to update your application for the transition:…
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Ember.js: What's Next?

Like everything progressive, particularly in the development world, Ember.js is always evolving. The Ember team and it’s minions are constantly building and tweaking, whittling away at the old to build the new and refine the existing. Each release is an improvement upon the last version, which can mean things like bug fixes, functionality tweaks, syntax changes, deprecation, and…
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Ember.js Computed Properties Basics

Ember.js is like a swiss army knife. It comes with a lot of built in fancy tools designed to make your day to day life just that much easier. The tools built in to Ember allow us to add functionality to a website that could potentially take hours to build in a fraction of the time. Knowing the tools…
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