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Build a Blog Front-end with Ember-CLI

This is a walkthrough tutorial on how to get started with building a blog website using Ember-CLI. As we go along, you'll be getting your hands dirty with a real-world scenario of building a multi-page website for the fictitious travel company named Iconic Locations. This article is intended to be less high-level and more hands-on as it is meant to…
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Creating Reusable Computed Properties in Ember-CLI

Recently, I needed a way to standardize how we were calculating properties such as isAnythingDirty or isAnythingSaving across several Ember.js controllers. Our templates then use those properties to render components in different states. Introducing isAnyPath Our solution to calculating the isAnythingDirty and isAnythingSaving checks is basically a utility function where we can pass an array of paths to model…
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10 Reasons Why Users Have Dumb Password Practices

Every now and then, we hear in the news that yet another website was hacked after thousands, or even millions, of their user’s account details are published online. Despite the fact that services continue to store their accounts with weakly-hashed passwords, or worse, stored in plaintext, it gives us an insight as to the state of just how bad…
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Top Takeaways from PasswordsCon 2014

As you probably know, I am an avid student of modern cryptography techniques, specifically dealing with how they can be applied to providing secure logins over the Internet. After coming across the videos posted from this year’s PasswordsCon I felt obligated to take notes, as this is a field that is constantly changing, and where failure to implement even…
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Password Storage Lessons from the Trenches

I love to read about security from a software architecture perspective because one of my hobbies is to test different theories that attempt to improve upon current API designs. My ultimate goal is to build a framework that is extremely lightweight on memory and lines of code, while empowering developers as much as possible to be able to handle even…
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