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Our Hiring Process

Working at Second Street is a blend of productive software development, camaraderie with a fantastic team, constant innovation in an exciting industry, and continually improving our processes. (If that sounds like your cup of tea, come work with us!) One process we've recently been improving is our hiring process. Recruiting is incredibly important for a company's long-term health, and getting…
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Highlighting Parts of an HTML Input With CSS

Recently Second Street launched a feature in its email campaign editor that made it much easier to use mail merge style tokens. Rather than seeing {{User.FirstName}} in the input for the subject line, users will now see User First Name in the input, but highlighted so it appears visually different to show that it's a token. But of course,…
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Demystifying Ember: Asynchronous Side-Effects in Testing

If you've just started writing acceptance tests for your Ember.js app, you may run into the following arcane-sounding error: Assertion Failed: You have turned on testing mode, which disabled the run-loop's autorun. You will need to wrap any code with asynchronous side-effects in a run This sounds pretty confusing at first, and doesn't sound super specific about what needs…
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Our Workplace

Developing software isn't only about finding a problem and solving it. It's also about working with your peers in a productive and happy environment. That's why when Second Street moved into its new headquarters two years ago, we made sure to build the best workplace we could. Our Workspaces Our development office is an open floor plan laid out in…
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