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Study Groups. Keep them Awake and Learning!

Spread the Knowledge At Second Street we are encouraged to give presentations about languages, techniques, or frameworks to the rest of the company. The Benefits Encourages technical growth Knowledge is shared across departments/teams The presenter gains speaking and communication skills Old School Way The normal format for a presentation is for the speaker to have many well thought up…
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Five Handy Chrome Dev Tools Tips

1. Search for CSS Selectors and Properties On the Elements tab, in the Styles sub tab where the css selectors are listed there is a searc box at the bottom that says "Find In Styles". As you type in that box the matching selectors and properties will be highlighted in yellow. No more scanning the list and accidentally missing what…
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Easy Background Loading Image

Single Page Apps and Images At Second Street we have a lot of user generated content. When you combine that with a single paged JS application you can run into issues when you add <img src="http://yourImage" /> into the DOM before the image has loaded. If the image is large or the network request is slow the…
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